Premium search result count vs Standard search result count




I was testing the Premium Sandbox and wanted to know how many tweets I am losing using the Standard API so I searched for “cnt” tweets from “17/04/2018 00:00” to “17/04/2018 23:59” using both mentioned API. I stored the results on a database to compare them.

I noticed two things:

  1. Standard API seems to include usernames in the results (In other words, search in tweets content and usernames). But the Premium API does not include the results corresponding to usernames (my premium sandbox database did’nt have those results)

  2. There was no difference in the number of results. Standard API had 1700 results (1400 matching tweets content and 300 matching usernames). Premium API had 1400 results (1400 matching tweets, no results matching usernames).

So, I am doing it wrong or Premium Sandbox API also uses a sample of all tweets as the Standard API does?

Premium query: {“query”:“cnt (lang:es OR lang:und)”,“fromDate”:“201804170000”,“toDate”:“201804172359”}

Thanks in advance :grin:


Hi @Crabax - that sounds about right, these searches do operate differently. The premium Search API keyword looks at the text of the Tweet, including hashtags, urls and mentions, but not user metadata.


Thank you, what about point #2? “There was no difference in the number of results”


Hi @happycamper I am sorry to post my relating question here instead of creating new topic, but may I ask if there is a way to search only for username (and possibly screen_name) in Premium API? I am especially concerned about the word ‘bot’ in both username and screen_name, usually accompanied with twitter bots.


Hi @9YbrUHWt - There’s not a premium API version of at this time.

What additional functionality would you be looking for in a premium version of this API?