Premium Platform Phone Support


Ok, so here’s an idea and it very well might be shut down immediately but it’s worth mentioning.

It seems that many (most?) developers run into issues at some point with getting their applications restricted/suspended and (if they’re like me) get really anxious while waiting for a response from Twitter’s platform team.

Personally, I would be more than willing to pay a premium for phone support to help expedite the process, even $50, $100 or more for just a 5-10 minute phone call. I imagine larger applications would be willing to pay much higher to get their website back up as soon as possible.

Seems like it’d be a good opportunity to:

  • Improve developer happiness by bringing apps back online faster

  • Raise some money on the Twitter platform team to help pay for the additional support

I know obviously this wouldn’t be a huge money maker for a company like Twitter, but I’m sure there could be some kind of arrangement that would be beneficial to developers but without choking the platform team from a resource perspective.


Thanks for the suggestion and please note that this response is not to “shut it down immediately” - but for transparency, at the current time we do not have plans to offer this option (bearing in mind the global nature of the platform and limited timezone-fixed hours some of the related teams may be available).

Definitely listening and taking this on board, but with current resources I believe the plan is to automate and to streamline human interactions via web forms etc - totally appreciate the desire for more access to the team(s) but at the present time this level of support is not open to any partners, even Gnip or Ads (commercial) ones.


Andy, I figured that was the case but wanted to bring it up in case it was at all a possibility :grinning: Thanks.