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I am writing my Master Thesis now and are planning to analyse data on retweets and likes in the periode 2014 - 2018. I am working with another student that are doing research on a simular topic and we want to share the data we collect with each other.
In regards to the price and the ability to share data across accounts, would it be best to apply for a premium developer account or an enterprise developer account?



Hi @MohusMagnus - I suggest you review our premium pricing here:

You can compare prices and packages by clicking on the ‘Select’ button in blue, for example:

For each package, you can see the number of requests that you can make each month. I suggest starting with premium and, if you then realise that you need more access, you can contact our sales team for more information on our enterprise prices.

If you don’t have one already, you will need to apply for a developer account to start using our APIs. If you select the ‘Organization’ account (when you apply for a developer account) you will then be able to use the Team functionality. This gives you access to a team dashboard, where you can manage developer access and edit the roles of other developers working on a premium application.

Note however that team management does not currently grant/limit API access, which is based on App credentials. It is not possible to share app management across your team. Currently the ‘team setup’ only applies to the Premium API section; and not to the app management section. Apps (keys/tokens) cannot be edited, created, or deleted by non-owners.


Thanks for your reply!
Three further questions:

  1. If I set up an organization account with my Twitter ID, am I able to create different apps, for instance one app for my team research which I make accessible for my colleagues AND another app which I would just use for practicing/ becoming familiar with the API and its functionalities not directly related to our research project?
  2. Just going through the application process. What if our organization/ team does not have a legal entity name, twitter username, website? We are a team of two researchers working at the same university. Should we use our university’s name?
  3. Are we both allowed to have separate organization accounts with similar names and purpose? Then we can practice seperately and once we want to start our research we could create a shared team app within one account which enables us to work together?

  1. You can set up several apps for different purposes by selecting the Apps section in the drop down menu (top right hand-side in your developer account) and clicking on Create an app.
  2. You could use your own Twitter username and university website.
  3. I suggest one of you creates an organizational account and the other a personal account. That way you have two accounts to practice with separately and can start working with the organizational account to access the team functionalities when you’re ready to work together.

Please note that the team functionality has some limitations currently (see examples below)

Our team is currently working on improving our team functionality.

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