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I am retrieving back to Jan 1, 2017 for 48 political candidates.I am using an app that I developed on Full Archive Sandbox and transitioned to the paid Premium Full Archive version. In the Sandbox version it was pulling a full 100 tweets every time and working perfectly. The app checks for a ‘next’ parameter and continues to loop until all tweets were retrieved.

Here’s the problem: Now that I have switched over to the Full Archive Sandbox, I am not retrieving the full 500 tweets each time (I’m getting approximately a month’s worth (30-70), which is less than I was getting in the free version).

I understood from the documentation that the first page would be a month’s worth, but then after would be a full 500. Is this correct?

Is there something that I need to change from the free version for the Premium app that would limit this aside from maxResults (Changed from 100 to 500)?

Here’s a bit of code, but it hasn’t changed since I transitioned from the free version (it worked great there).


search_params = {'query': query_name,
                 'toDate': toDate,
                 'fromDate': fromDate,
                 'maxResults': max_count

These search_params get updated with the next token if there is one at the end of the first run.

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Hello @LauraW,

This is not correct. If any given time period has less than the 500 results, then it will paginate at the 30-day (31 days actually) marker as opposed to extending the time period to fit a full 500 results. This is not limited to the first page.


Wow. That’s very disappointing and, well, not very fair. With only 100 requests per month that would take me roughly 12 months to complete all 48 candidates, and $1000 for a relatively small number of tweets (compared the the 50,000/month that other users are getting).

Is there a way to also use the free requests at the same time as well? When I signed up last month, it actually took my free requests used (50) out of my total (100), so last month, I only got a partial month’s worth.

Also, Is there any way to get a reduced rate since I’m doing this as a research project? I have a hard time believing scientists are supposed to pay the same for research data as businesses that are profiting from this.


Hi @LauraW - I am sorry that you are disappointed. Unfortunately no, for the time being it isn’t possible to get a reduced rate. Our premium offering was launched to provide developers with scaled access and flexible pricing to fit their needs and we don’t offer reduced rates.

Please let us know if you have any more questions.

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