Premium APIs with R


I would like to extract information from Premium APIs for my research by using R.
I have seen many examples with other languajes but I seems to me that R is not so widely used. What would you recommend?

I would thank if anybody shares with me any example of extracting and processing the information once it is retrieved?
I have made some test with and I am able to connect and retrive some data, but I don’t know how to process it later.

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Hi Mayte,

I am trying to learn how to do this also … and I did not find good resource in R. So, I found some pieces in python that I am putting together.
You are welcome to explore along with me, if you are interested.

I put a starter kit on githib at this location :

I am using FullArchive to pull historic tweets, and include some basic print commands to show the structure / info contained in the returned dictionary.

Feel free to use, comment, improve.
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hello @MayteBallestar and @bici_sancta,

Thanks for reaching out about R. While we don’t have any strong resources for this programming language yet, we are actively exploring ways that we can better support this language in the future.

I will keep you updated with our progress.


Hi bici_sancta,

I am really interested in collaborate to find the best way to work with the APIs in my research.
Many thanks in advance!!


Thanks a lot @LeBraat for your help.
Could you recommend us a programming languaje to work efficiently with Twitter APIs? it is Phython or another one?

I am keen on get historical tweets for my research regarding a specific topic/keywords.

Thanks in advance,


At least one person @hupseb has been kind enough to to share R code that hits the premium API and we would be delighted if this became more widely accessible!

How to use premium API for the first time (beginner)?

At the moment we are providing some Python and Ruby libraries. Please help us to understand what else you would find helpful. Our resources are limited but we would love to help and to understand the environments that are most popular.


Thanks a lot @andypiper for your answer. Could you please provide some link to documentation where these Python libraries are available or explained a little bit?.

I am interested on retrieve Tweets from a specific topic in a period of time and analyze the sentiment and also the relationship/link between users.

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Definitely, you can review


If you’re still interested @MayteBallestar and @bici_sancta - my group published a series of how to do various data science tasks with these APIs at

The examples are all downloadable jupyter notebooks and use the search-tweets-python library.

Perhaps I’ll help make an R port of our libraries someday. :slight_smile:

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