Premium API Trial


Hi, I was thinking on upgrading my account for Premium API to use some of the special perks they have to offer. Is there a possibility to try them out for like a few days trial? or is it paid from day-1 kind of thing?



Hi @Greentookthis - the base level account for Premium includes the free sandbox, which has up to 250 calls per month. You just need to apply and be approved for access.

This would be the best way to try out the APIs:
Search Tweets 30-day endpoint
Account Activity APIs

If you need additional data, you can upgrade to the next tier. You will not be charged until you choose to do so, and you can cancel at any time.


Hey, I hope you guys are best with your health and development works. How can I add the negate function i.e. (-is:retweet) in my query?

payload = {"query": (hash_one) -is:retweet}
response = requests.get(SEARCH_TWEETS_URL, params=payload, headers=headers).json()

whereas, hash_one is the user input of #tags or @TwitterHandles or Keywords.
I want to negate the retweets , in which pycharm IDE is giving me syntax error.

I’d also tried with hard-coded handles, #tags:

payload = {"query": "(@thePSLt20) -is:retweet"}

But its searches for “hash_one” and results me in empty string of tweets.

Its not working either way.


Hi @umairhanif00 -
Sorry for the delayed response here. The is:retweet operator isn’t available in the sandbox, only the paid premium tiers.

More on which operators work for each product level here: