Premium API search with bounding_box geo-coordinate/places and has:geo




I’m using the premium fullarchive search API. My query looks like this “query”:“election OR vote has:geo bounding_box:[-122.449684 37.792847 -122.423490 37.810849]”

I am getting a response with tweets. But all of the tweet jsons have a geo/place as null. My understanding is that bounding_box only returns tweets with a geo location if present. I also included has:geo to ensure only tweets with location data available are filtered. Am I missing something?

Thank you


Hey Praharshit - try formatting your query to look like this to see if it works:

			"query":"(election OR vote) bounding_box:[-122.449684 37.792847 -122.423490 37.810849]",
                "maxResults": "500",


Thank you, that worked!