Premium API Access Status



My team has requested access to the Premium API for Twitter. We spoke with LeBraat some time ago (May 2, 2018), but we have not received any update on our application.

Please let us know when we can expect to get access to the Premium API, as we require this API for our data science research.

Best Regards,
Barings DS Team


Hi There - Have you heard from our team since you posted this message?


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for reaching out, and no, we have not heard from the Twitter team since we posted our last message.

Please let me know what step(s) are required on our part to get access to the Twitter Premium API. This has been something that we have been looking forward to getting access to for quite some time, and I look forward to working with you to get this setup done ASAP.

One of the main features of the Premium API that we are trying to utilize is the ability to retrieve the full tweet (280 characters). At present, we are only able to retrieve 140 characters from a tweet, with our current API access. Please let us know if there any additional step(s) that we need to complete in order to access the full tweet content.


Hi @baringsds,

Have you checked the email address associated with your application?

Our team may have reached out to you there looking for more information regarding your application.

Regarding your second question, you can access “full tweets” with the existing APIs and wouldn’t need the Premium API to do that. You will see the full tweet in the full_text field of the Tweet object. You can read more about that here: