Pre-installed device restrictions


Twitter rules and policies states:
“not arrange for your Service to be pre-installed on any device, promoted as a “zero-rated” service, or marketed as part of a specialized data plan.”

I suppose these are for service provider who charges money to provide twitter data.

In our case, we have a mobile app, that is related to Stock Market and want to show filtered twitter streams, and we are using Basic Streaming API.
We are in touch with many OEM to pre-embed our application, and we are not charging for the service or twitter data.
So does the above restrictions is for us, as we are worried in case we introduce twitter data, does that mean we can not pre-embed our application with Mobile phone vendors.
As a good partner for twitter we wanted to clear these doubts, so we can plan our future course of action.


Hi @iTrake,
This rule applies to client apps that attempt to replicate Twitter’s core user experience. I’m not able to determine if your app does this from the description provided. Let’s discuss further–will you please log a ticket at and reference this post?


Thanks Araronhoff, this answer our question, we are no way creating twitter core experience, its just we are pulling some social media content and showing next to stock symbol.