Pre-built Mediation Adaptor


Hi, I built a mediation adaptor with a native SDK. I notice that there are bunch of 3rd party networks that have been pre-built into the Mopub SDK. What is the process to get my native SDK pre-built into Mopub SDK?


Hello Veetwoner,

To clarify here, are you an ad network that is trying to work with us as a network mediation partner?

By ‘native SDK pre-built into MoPub SDK’, do you mean bundled with an adapter similar to Millennial Media in our Android Full SDK here?

Let us know the details as to what you are trying to do.



I mean the latter, bundled with an adaptor similar to Millennial Media in Mopub Full SDK. Thanks


ekinbenho, any advice on the process to get adapter bundled in the full sdk? thanks.


Hey Veetwoner,

Please email and I will send you the alias associated with our Network Mediation Program.



will do thanks Ed.