Potentially compromised account - API question


I am aware this is being posted in seemingly the wrong place but I’m desperate for answers.

I have exhaustively read all of the support documentation online and I still feel that there is something going on with my account. I have changed my password multiple times, revoked all third party access, etc. I have taken extensive measures to

Yesterday, there were a large number of spam DMs from my account and a large number of new accounts being followed from my account (not done be me). Since then, it has only been a new follow every once in a while (I’m not talking about other accounts following me) but it’s still happening after several password resets. I still have left all third-party access revoked - not a single application has access to my account.

Is it possible, that if my account was previously compromised, and the attacker used the Twitter API to automatically follow a large number of users and send spam DMs, that these API requests are cached and/or throttled, and the activity that’s going on right now is actually still part of the original problem - just delayed because of aforementioned throttling, etc. Forgive me for speaking out of ignorance, just speculating. That’s the real reason I’m posting here.

I’m at my wit’s end on this issue…after all the measures I’ve taken and after all of the support documentation I’ve followed, I’m still seeing my account follow new accounts that I did not select. I just need to talk to someone - Twitter’s contact mechanisms are not sufficient to cover my issue, and there’s no way to just email them about this issue. I’ve followed all of the recommended steps (repeatedly) on the support site, and I still see a new follow from my account every once in a while.

I appreciate your patience and any help you can offer.


I have the same problem. Did you learn what the cause is?


I don’t know the cause yet.