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Our company has an Enterprise account and uses the Twitter Feedback Card system to collect NPS/CSAT scores from customers. We found out today that the Feedback card is not displayed if our customer is interacting with us on the mobile.twitter.com site.

Here is an example conversation as viewed on the native Twitter Android application:

And here is the exact same conversation when viewed on mobile.twitter.com:

As you can see the accompanying DM is shown, only the Feedback card is missing. This confuses customers as we send them a DM asking them if they would mind answering the following question, but the customer never ends up seeing the question.

On the desktop site the Feeback card is displayed correctly.

Are Twitter aware of this issue? And if so is there any details of when this bug might be fixed.

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Hi @DrewScully - Thanks for raising this here. Let me look into this and I’ll get back to you with more information.


Hi Andrew,

After speaking with the relevant product teams, it sounds like the feedback cards not appearing is expected behavior for mobile.twitter.com (and the desktop client). If this does change, we’ll make sure to add it to our roadmap here.



Hi Hamza,

I will keep an eye on the Road map, hopefully it is addressed soon as it seems like quite an oversight that is confusing customers, Especially as the introduction message is delivered, but the question is not. This can result in an agent receiving feedback directly, which you yourselves discourage in your own documentation:

“Feedback results should ideally not be surfaced directly to an agent, and instead be surfaced in supervisor reports or in an asynchronous way such that an agent doesn’t see the feedback and change their interaction demeanor or behavior.”

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Thank you, Andrew. I’m going to pass this along to our product team so they’re aware.

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