Posts with hashtag and mentions per hour limit



We develop reporter soft for events

  1. several journalists listen to speakers in different halls at the conference.
  2. and quote speaker phrases on Twitter, use a hashtag of the event and mentioning tweeters of speakers or their companies

We work every day at different conferences. About 300 per year.
Every day a journalist writes about 300-500 quotes per working day.
Such journalists can be several depending on the number of rooms at the conference.
As a result, we generate 1000-2000 quotations a day, which we need to publish in the official twitter of the event.

Now we are rested that the twitter of the event is excluded from the search distribution by hashtag after 15 tweets in 15 minutes with a hashtag and the mention of the speakeк

What are the limits for the publication of tweets with the same hashtag and mentions per 15 minutes?
What can we do to ensure that the event tweeter does not disappear from the search output by hashtag?


The stream of tweets looks like this in a twitter of the event