Posting tweets without script



I’ve recently started to try to embed tweets on a forum. I go the simple route of clicking on said tweet, going to ‘More’ and then choosing ‘Embed Tweet’ which proceeds to give me the script coding to copy and paste to the site. However the issue that I’m having is that the forum doesn’t display the tweet correctly. It’s simply showing the tweet in text and then below that it shows the name of the account and the twitter handle as well as the date the tweet was posted. It should display it in full with the proper theme and picture but instead I’m simply getting text.

Upon asking a moderator at the forum, it seems they don’t use script properly as it’s restricted, so this is possibly why it’s not showing properly. Is there anyway around using script or any different coding I can use to post tweets on a forum such as that? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


To embed a Tweet in any page the page needs to include our script. You could ask your forum administrator to include our script in their template, that way all embedded Tweets will work regardless of whether the script is stripped from the author’s post.



Ah okay, thanks.

What would you script coding be that they’d need to include in their template? I’ve asked and they seem to be fine with trying it so any help with that would be great man, thanks.


Your forum host can include the script on each page:

A more detailed loading snippet is available on our widget setup doc:


I tried using this script in the Main.tpl of my forums but the tweet still shows up as a simple block of code.

Is there another way using bbcode?


Not quite sure what you mean by this, is the Tweet not showing at all?