Posting to Twitter from Windows * Metro App



I am trying to integrate twitter into Windows8 Metro App.

I Follow these steps.

  1. I send a request to and get a oauth_token

  2. Using this I send a request to and get oauth_token and oauth_verifier

3 . Using this I send a request to and get oauth_token, oauth_token_secret, user_id and screen_name

  1. Now I want to tweet. I think I have to use

I am not able to figure out, how the request will be send. Do I require to append all the parameters like signature, key etc with this


You’ve gotten most of the hard stuff down.

When you used the oauth/access_token method you got back a long-lived access token (and access token secret). You persist these as it represents the identity of the user you’re acting on behalf of. When you make a call to statuses/update to tweet, you use this access token as part of the request – but you still need to “sign” the request using OAuth. See [node:3036]


@lalit_jss:Could you please share the working snippets. I was failing at step-1 itself.