Posting to statuses/update from app gives error 403 but the status gets posted all the same


I’m particularly puzzled by the new API. Having read that IPs and users get blacklisted if they send too many errors I have decided to save my response codes. Also, I read that we have a limited number of access tokens and this forces me to store things I wouldn’t have stored otherwise, and wasn’t storing before, but that’s another topic.

The problem is that if I post to 1.1./statuses/update I get an error 403. However, the tweet is sent all the same.
I have inserted the funtion to store the http code if it’s not 200 and I’m storing a lot of 403. However, the tweet gets posted.
Does this count as error from the IP? Will my IP get blacklisted because of things that look like erroneous error codes?
Should someone have a suggestion to fix this I’d appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.