Posting a direct message


Hi all,

I need to post a direct message to a user. I just can’t work out the correct command. This is what I am working with:

I am fetching the data for the variables form a data table
$SendFlightNo = $row_FlightLookup[‘Flight’];
$SendFlightStatus = $row_FlightLookup[‘RemarksWithTime’];

I then embedd the results in to one variable
$SendMessage = $SendFlightNo.". “. $SendAD.”. ". $SendFlightStatus;

Then try and perform the post.
$connection->post(‘direct_messages/new.format?screen_name=’ . $SenderScreenName . ‘&text=’ . $SendMessage . ‘’);

Is the method correct because the receiving user does not get the direct message.

Many thanks for any help you can give.