Post youtube video into twitter and watch it without clicking 'view media'



I need to post a youtube video into my twitter feed. I have seen people occasionally posting youtube videos as a part of their tweets, and others can watch the video without having to click on ‘view media’ button and expand the tweet.

I can’t figure out out how to do this. Please help me…

Thanks in advance.


You should be able to tweet the URL of the Youtube video directly, and the video will appear in the tweet/below the tweet.

Unfortunately, timeline tweets will not auto-expand the video. it is something we are considering in future releases.



@rchoi Ryan Choi

Here is an exaple of what I want: scoll down to july 27th and look for a post from arthritis researchUk

How to post such a video…?


Also please help me what is the next step after validating twitter card url?



Thanks for you reply. Could you please tell me how to post a YouTube video like the one I have shown here. Is it using twitter cards? If so, what is the next step after validating the selected card and URL?

Thanks in advance.


Hi, I know this is an old post (very old) but I have been searching for days to do the same thing.

I am posting to Twitter via PHP script and I can post the URL of the Youtube video but I’d like it to show already expanded (rather than the user having to click ‘view media’). I do not want it to start automatically, but at least appear expanded.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please?



This has been reported by a number of people and also observed by myself for the past two months. It seems to be a change at the Twitter end and there’s thus no workaround.


Looks like this behavior can be achieved at least for pinned tweets. See here for example (valid for at least a month :slight_smile: )


Twitter cards do not auto-play in timeline. The only videos that auto-play via the API are ones that originate from the Twitter App or Vine.

@SafeNotSafeGame is correct in that pinned tweets do allow auto-play, but this is limited to web.



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