Post/Tweet specific embeded timeline


I have a web application (Crises Control), which is basically a crises management system, I want a feature to implement which allows the users (company) of the application to post the crises alert on their company twitter page (using stored username and pwd) and start a discussion on that (timeline kind of)…
So the followers of the company page can reply on that specific tweet.

And I want to display the feeds within the application for that specific crises event.
I am very new the twitter api. Can somebody give me some guideline, where to start.


Assuming the feeds you would like to display are tied to Tweets from a specific Twitter account, the User Timeline widget should work for your needs.

If you wanted to aggregate Tweets related to a specific hashtag then a Search Timeline widget would make the most sense.

If you are authoring a new Tweet from your Twitter Application on behalf of a Twitter account you will want to use the sign in with Twitter flow to receive permission to post, then post to the Timeline using a Twitter REST API call.