POST statuses/update with urls: Twitter counts before wrapping?


It seems like Twitter counts the url lengths in a statuses/update BEFORE any wrapping is done. This is bad for two reasons:

  1. If someone submits a short url through my application, say (count 7) + some additional text up to 140 chars, the tweet will fail because 7 will get inflated into 20 and the text will come out to 153.

  2. If someone submits a long url through my application, say 130 characters, that only gives them 10 more chars to work with before submission when, in reality, they should have 110 characters to work with.

Please provide clarification on this.

  • First, is what I’ve said above correct?
  • Second and if so, does Twitter have a timeline for wrapping BEFORE counting characters re: statuses/update?
  • Third, is there a workaround for this? Should I be wrapping links manually before submission to statuses/update?