POST statuses/filter: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE



I have been trying to connect to the Twitter Streaming API, in particular to POST statuses/filter. In my Flask app, I have went through OAuth with Flask-Dance and my GET request for statuses/show is working fine.

However, the POST request I am trying to run in Flask just returns an empty response, absolutely nothing happens. I was wondering if it was something to do with my headers?

@app.route('/tweet-stream', methods=['POST'])
def streamer():
	cashtag = request.form['data']
	tweet_info ='',data={"track": cashtag})
	result = {"Hello": "Test"}
	return json.dumps(result)

I have also tried using Tweepy to no avail,

class MyStreamListener(tweepy.StreamListener):

    def on_status(self, status):

    def on_error(self, status_code):
        if status_code == 420:
            return False

def streamer():
	cashtag = request.form['data']
	myStreamListener = MyStreamListener()
	myStream = tweepy.Stream(auth = api.auth, listener=myStreamListener)
	result = ''
	return result

Cashtag in this instance is a string “HMNY”. I have absolutely no idea what I could be doing wrong.

Here is what the dev console says about my headers: