Post status updates not returning any response


I have tried to post the example post/status update message not no response from twitter.


What tool or API are you using to post the status? Are you able to enable trace to see any detail of the HTTP response code that the Twitter API is returning to your code?


I am using POST statuses/update example request :


and there is trace/ response As pyHTTPResponseCode : 401 . I am using pega prpc tool.

I tried to regenerate the app/Access tokens again by adding a new mobile number but the Mobile settings page throws error as “You are not allowed to perform this action.” and i am unable add new/previous mobile numbers


Yes, 401 would usually indicate an authentication issue. You should make sure you are using valid Oauth keys in your testing tool.

To double-check, I would suggesting using our twurl command line testing tool, configured with your keys, and hitting the same endpoint. That can also give you more API tracing information.


Is there any GUI tool to verify if the request is hitting the correct endpoint.

Anyways I have verified with SoapUI tool there i am unable to authorize the request and the response is always hrrp 215 bad authorization error…

Can you please help me in posting tweets using POST statuses/update example request :