Post status through API without reauthorization


I wonder why users need to log in to Twitter everytime my app wants to post a status update on their behalf. And this is after they once authorized the app.

So in:

it says:
The user will always be prompted to authorize access to your application, even if access was previously granted.

Why is this and more important… is there a way to get around it??



The access token you get from the OAuth process is long-lived. But you need to persist it for the user so that it’s used each time they make a status update. You don’t need to send them through that process every time, if you have securely identified them and associated them with the access token representing them.


Thanks for the reply.

In all the stress, I realize now that my “Header” of this discussion does not really comply with the qustion asked.

So our problem is not the reauthorization… It’s the fact that users need to be looged in to Twitter for us to make the post for them.

Sorry for the confusion.


I am using the php library but i can’t figure out how to send the auth_verifier which i saved in db.Where can i see the api call that i need to make for reauthorization?


How to post a tweet on company page without login ( i am using app key,api secret,access token , token secret) ;; the post updated on user time line; but i want post a tweet on our company page.