Post/status quote tweet, link still appears on mobile only



Hi Everyone, this is my first question. I made a bot that stream-tracks tweets about jobs with developer/engineer & react/angular & junior in the tweet, and then quote-tweets them. i think the handle is ‘cooldevjobs’

status: '' + user + '/status/' + id;

my problem is that, on mobile only, the quote-tweets i’m posting have the url to the quoted tweet above them as text.

  • it doesn’t appear as text above the quoted tweet when it’s rendered on desktop.
  • it’s not happening if i manually post the exact same url in the app myself. it only happens with ones using a post request (twit).

i know it’s possible to have a quote tweet without the url as text on mobile, i have seen other bots do it. sorry if this bugs anyone, googling “quote tweet mobile link showing” only brings back a million results about how exciting the BRAND NEW quote tweet function is.