POST Retweet code 34 page doesn't exist


Why is it that when using the API to retweet, some of the tweets go through and are retweeted fine, however some result in:

{“errors”:[{“message”:“Sorry, that page does not exist”,“code”:34}]}

The fact that this is working for some tweets and not others when going through the same functions does not make sense, more so that when I actually go to the apparently non-existent pages in the browser (echo dumps out the URL), I receive a bad authentication error (expected) rather than a 404.


Can you give me an example of a tweet it doesn’t work with, and the account you’re trying to retweet from?

An HTTP trace (request/response headers and bodies) would help too.

#3 <- won’t work <- does work

The account I’m retweeting from is this one, mjbk88, using the REST API. I’ve checked that the ID being passed to the retweet function is correct. If you have access to my app you should be able to see it in action.


Are you using id or id_str to identify these tweets in your code? I suspect that your code may be using id, and losing precision to 53 bits. For the tweet that works, it just so happens that id == id_str when coalesced to 53 bits; for the one that doesn’t, this isn’t the case—and that would explain the error.