Post on behalf of visitors without redirection



I want to create an app which should not redirect my web page to any other page. My user will remain on my page and my page will post a text on his behalf.
I am ok with an embeded facebook button or form but the condition is no redirection is accepted
So wanted to know if it is possible without xauth

Please help
Thanks in advance

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If you’re going to be requesting that a user trust your site enough to post on their behalf, you’re going to have to redirect them to Twitter in some way, shape, or form. The closest to what you’re looking for is probably our Tweet Web Intent.


No Web intent is not what I want because I want the application to be on my own domain with my own UI.
So I think I need to go with xauth.


xAuth is not available for web sites. Your only option is to send users away from your domain. There is no other way permitted for you to secure a user’s permission to act on their behalf in that context.