POST media/upload returns 500 Internal Sever Error


Previously working code to upload an image (to get a media id to attach to a tweet) stopped working recently and is returning error 500.

I’m not sure what is wrong, any help would be appreciated

I’m using to handle authentication.

code snippet:

			var formData = new FormData();
			formData.append("media", imageBlob);'', {
				data: formData,
				processData: false,
        		contentType: false


Hi @pinkarrison - is there anything else you can tell us here? Have the sizes or formats of the images you’re trying to upload changed, for instance?


Unfortunately, I don’t think the sizes or formats of the images have changed.

The image size is under 1MB and the format hasn’t changed (base64 png saved from html canvas that is converted to BLOB and then appended to form data)

I also tried uploading the exact same image that successfully I uploaded and attached to a tweet a month ago, with no luck.