POST media/upload (chunked) error: Not found



Why when I APPEND the chunked data it returns :

"{"request":"\/1.1\/media\/upload.json","error":"Not found."}" ?

  command: "APPEND",
  media_id: 631175285048799200,
  segment_index: 0,
  media_data "base64(...)"


"{"errors":[{"message":"Sorry, that page does not exist","code":34}]}"

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@alexnyde Are you sure you’re using the media subdomain instead of the api?




I use “”, requests are made with “request” npm package.

“INIT” command works fine, but the “APPEND” command return “Not found”. Why ?


The same for me. I guess this’s an error from API.


same for me. was fine 7 hours ago. now, have issue/