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I have an API policy question not covered by these points

2018/09/15 send.
I have been waiting for two weeks
I sent the following sentences, but the reply will not come.

How long do I have to wait for this?
Service will be buggy as it is on October 17th as it is.

I told you that it is necessary to complete the request to increase the POST upper limit by 17th October.
Since the item for raising the upper limit value of POST was not found in the form, please do from here.

· Login as user with Oauth
· Users tweeted any message via this application
It has the function of.

With the next API update, default rate limits for tweets and retweets per app, favorites, followers, direct messages get stricter,

Tweets and retweets (total): 300 in 3 hours

I asked.

Currently, in my app owned love letter
You will be caught on the limit of tweets and retweets.

Current membership is 218,409 users.

Different from day to day, the number of all users tweeting messages is about 6,597 or more as of the day.

Up to 2,400 per day in 3 hours.
Therefore, at this time the limit has been reached,
Users will not be able to use the service.

Could you upload rate limit of tweet?
As the number to be tweeted will differ depending on the user’s login time zone etc, if possible, I would be happy if you could make tweets unlimited like the one you are currently.

Since we will comply with our terms of service,
Thank you for your consideration.


please teach me…


Same situation


Hi - I will try my best to answer your question.

Here is our announcement related to the POST rate limit changes. We include instructions on how to apply in that announcement.

In terms of why you have been waiting for two weeks, there are two scenarios:

  1. our services agent hasn’t gotten round to reviewing your application yet;
  2. your application is still actively being reviewed and we are still deciding if your use case adheres to our policy

Please note that it is not unusual to wait for a few weeks and that we will make sure to review every application before the change on October 17th.

Let us know if you have any other questions.


thankyou very match.
im wait.


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Twitter API rate Limit issue