[POST collections/create] Creation Limit



We are using REST API endpoint POST collections/create and the problem we have is the collections creation limit. Aparently is 100 (i didn’t found documentation about that, just get the error: “Limit exceeded: Number of collections”).
There is way to grow this limit?


Haven’t tried myself to check, but it seems like an issue on Twitter’s side. Other thread here: Number of collections limit?


I recently saw reports that the collections per account is limited to 100, yes - but this is not currently documented. I don’t know of the reasoning behind this choice at the moment, and I do not know of plans to change it (this is an account limit, like number of Tweets per day, rather than an API limit like number of calls per endpoint; so this is not something that we can easily modify on the developer platform).


Hi andy,

As we have limitation on creating collection per account.
I just want to confirm if there is any limit on adding number of tweets to collection.

Appreciate your help.


Not that I am aware of.