Post as Contributor



Is there a way to API status update as contributor to an account?
Would like to have #bots contributed to different accounts, to use when the additional_owners take effect for of possible customers.
Will it be possible to mark users in the image?


I think there are two questions here:

  1. The contributors field in account and Tweet API responses is a deprecated field for an inactive feature. additional_owners is specific to the media upload API for the purpose of sharing media content.

  2. Marking users in images is part of the people-tagging client feature. At the present time, that API remains undocumented and is not open for general/third-party use.


thought the contributors would be used, if a tweet was sent from a teamed (admin) tweetdeck account and will be false, when written as owner. wanted to hook in there, to have the bot as contributor.
would really like the people-tagging, as an ‘informational tweet’ would be visually more connected to a brand.


Understand the confusion/expectation, but I can confirm that the contributors field is a legacy leftover from a much older system, and the TweetDeck teams system does not use it.