POST account_activity/webhooks/:webhook_id/subscriptions with error code 358


As Per I have request with post method but getting {“errors”:[{“code”:358,“message”:“Unable to parse webhook_id parameter.”}]}

I am confused here as per link I have found that there is which have :webhook_id.

I am not sure that do we have replace :webhook_id with webhook Id which we have registered.

Below is my code which I am using but getting error with it.

var request = require(‘request’);

// twitter authentication
var twitter_oauth = {
consumer_key: _environment.env.config.twitter.consumer_key,
consumer_secret: _environment.env.config.twitter.consumer_secret,
token: _environment.env.config.twitter.access_token,
token_secret: _environment.env.config.twitter.access_token_secret

// request options
var request_options = {
url: ‘’,
oauth: twitter_oauth,
headers: {
‘Content-type’: ‘application/x-www-form-urlencoded’
form: {
webhook_id: ‘My webhook ID’

// POST request to subscribe webhook config, function (error, response, body) {

What I am doing wrong here. Please guide me