Post a tweet with @Anywhere without a TweetBox?


Hi all!

I’m starting to develop a web application that include sending tweets to the user’s timeline (if they allow it) with every comment they do on the webpage.

I’m searching for the way to send the tweet from the client-side (to minimize resources on server-side), but I didn´t see any way to send a tweet from JS code, except including a TweetBox.

Is there any method in the @Anywhere library that allow us to send the tweet?

Thanks for the help!


We can’t help with undocumented features of @Anywhere. If you want users to tweet through @Anywhere, it’s got to be through the tweet box.


What is the best way to post a tweet without the tweet box?


I found this works

twttr.anywhere(function (T) {
T.Status.update(“Posting new status update”);