Possible to reset/restart Twitter Developer Verification Process?



Hi, awhile ago the developer verification process was started for my account but the account was connected to an email I did not have access to. I think some emails were missed and not responded to so I am asking if it is possible to restart the process with the account’s new email.


Hi @gdigitalads - when you say ‘verification process’ do you mean application for a developer account? Unfortunately it is not possible to change the email address linked to such an application. You will either have to find a way to access your old email or apply for a new developer account (with a different @handle).


Hello Aurelia, thanks for your reply. Our goal is to automatically pull reports on the ads we are running through the API. As I understand it the developer account would need to be set up on the same account that is running the ads. If we created a separate developer account under a different handle would there be a way to automatically share access to all ad campaigns with the new handle?


You can use sign-in with Twitter to implement access to other accounts and campaigns running on them. See the description of 3-legged auth here on the Ads API documentation.


Hey Andy, once again thank you for your reply. Ideally we are looking to set up a server-to-server connection without a need for the user to authenticate each session, sort of how service accounts work with Google DCM/Facebook Graph. Not sure yet if this is possible but will be able to better understand once we’ve passed the developer verification process.

I have uncovered the former email that was used to begin the application for a developer account, and sent an email in reply to the original application questions. Is it possible to continue the application with the old email, or is the application automatically rejected after a certain amount of days?


I submitted an escalation to have us resend an email requesting more details on your use case to your old email. Please wait for it and reply there so we can move your application forward.


I’m having a similar issue. Could you check my account (@talkfuse) too please. :upside_down_face:


I just escalated your application, too. Please keep an eye out on an email from us over the coming days. Have a great day!


Thankyou so much! :slight_smile:

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