Possible to include exclude_replies into users/lookup?



is it possible to include the exclude_replies parameter (like from statuses/user_timeline) to the API 1.1 endpoint users/lookup?
Since my application is checking the latest normal Tweet or RT ID for many users and not their conversations/replies for getting later on their user_timeline without replies it would save some significant overload on our and the API servers of Twitter.
To explain it more clearly, here how my app works:

  1. Getting latest Tweet ID from each signed in Twitterer
  2. Getting the latest Tweet ID from each Twitterer via users/lookup
  3. Check if the latest Tweet ID for each Twitterer is newer than the ones in our database
  4. Getting the last 20 tweets via statuses/user_timeline without replies and saving the newest Tweet ID in our database

And since in step 4. are newer Tweets (which could be replies) which aren’t included in the results from the Twitter API since their are excluded because we need just the latest 20 Tweets without replies, the latest newest Tweet ID won’t get updated in our end and the requests are made later again, till the newest Tweet isn’t a reply again.
So would it be possible to include the exclude_replies into users/lookup?


No, it’s unlikely this feature will be supported. The tweet that is embedded in the user object is a cached object. It may be wiser to just use user_timeline for all consideration about a specific user’s tweets and just ignore the tweet you’re getting from users/lookup entirely.