Possible to get a (partial) daily limit tweeting exception?


I work for a sports organization, and we had previously used CoverItLive for Live Blogs. They went to a pay model, and I thought this was a brilliant opportunity to enhance the experience by building a live blog out of Twitter. Seemed like the best spot to interact with fans.

What I didn’t realize is that we would hit the daily limit of tweets through our play by play account. In actuality, we did not tweet 1,000 times, but I suppose we were tweeting at a pace that would have been 1,000 had it continued for a full day.

It would not have continued for a full day. We were likely to have about 500 tweets in a 4-5 hour span, but that would be it. We got cut off at just over 200.

I understand the Twitter policy, but is there any way to seek an exception to this limiting since we wouldn’t have, in fact, exceeded the daily limit?

It’s frustrating, because I thought Twitter was the perfect platform for this, and now I’m left dumbfounded on where to go. It may mean abandoning twitter and trying to pay for CoverItLive. I’m not sure.

But I’d like to make it work on Twitter, so if there’s a way to request special privileges or if someone has suggestion on a way to proceed, I’d really appreciate it.



Have you checked out http://www.LiveFanChat.com/Sites ?


Thanks for sharing. I have not, and maybe if I exhaust some other options I will. But I’d like to see if I can make it work on Twitter first. Twitter is where our fans already are. It’s the perfect spot. Just need to figure out how to work with these limits.