Possible to escalate POST rate limit request?



I really like the improvements to the developer portal overall, particularly the new “Team” area.

Unfortunately, we’re having a very frustrating time dealing with Twitter Support at the moment. We’ve been negotiating for weeks to get our POST rate limit increased but every time we make a change to meet the requirements, they introduce new requirements. We raised this in the ticket but they replied with “Do not exceed or circumvent limitations on access, calls, sharing, privacy settings, or use permitted in this Policy, or as otherwise set forth on the Developer Site, or communicated to you by Twitter” implying that we simply have to do whatever they say regardless of any policies Twitter has written for the scenario.

We’ve sent through a screenshot but they say they cannot access it. We’ve linked to our app but they’ve never visited it (we’ve got analytics on the page). We’ve tried to explain how our app works and linked relevant Twitter Policies several times but they simply keep replying with fragments of boilerplate response. We ask questions but they don’t get answered. We’ve just been rejected again for the third time after making changes. This last rejection introduced now new requirements that would render the integration practically useless to us.

What I would like to know is if there’s any way we can escalate to someone more senior. I suspect that our ticket is stuck with first level level support with little authority, limits in how they can respond, and no access to look at screenshots/how the app itself works. Every day we’re getting tens of complaints from users about our “broken” integration (and complaints are usually the tip of the ice berg). We’ve got nearly 20 million authed users with our app so I would like to think that we warrant some extra attention. Can anyone from Twitter let me know if it’s possible to escalate to some kind of Developer account manager? For other devs here, has anyone successfully escalated a support case to get it resolved?


Hey Ponny -

Can you please provide the app ID with which you are applying for elevations?


@LeBraat 4206775. Do you have an answer for our question though?


@LeBraat Any updates?


@LeBraat I’m sure you’re really busy at the moment but do you mind letting us know where you’re at with this? We just got an email from the support team that we must respond and we’ve been waiting on your response.


@LeBraat Almost a week without a reply. Is it possible to get anyone on your team to respond to this question if you’re too busy?


Hey @Ponny - I see that you have been engaging with our agent that is assigned to your elevation application. There is not much I can do here to speed things along. They will get back to you as soon as they can when we are all back in the office tomorrow.


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