Possible to create unique Twitter accounts dynamically?


Apologies if this is a daft question. I am a non-developer trying to work on a concept for a sports body who have already tried and discarded Twitter as a means of communicating with their members. Hence the post to teatime…

I am trying to discover if it is technically possible & within the Twitter rules to dynamically create unique Twitter accounts - that is, by a non-human method? The idea being that these would be used to distribute sports results/rankings to a couple of thousand players. One account would be needed per player.

Thanks in advance for any info. Best, N


I have a very similar requirement with my sports app http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/app/scorebook/d7b98162-dc00-46c5-bfa0-2ab343ec62bb. My app generates toast notifications and live tiles for game subscribers. I want to consider having game subscribers another choice of subscribing to and receiving tweets directly from the app for that game.

I’d like subscribers to have a couple options… one follow the app.scorekeeper or subscribe to specific app.games.
As games are created, a general tweet will go out to all app followers and the tweet will have some game details, game date and time, score keeper name, team names, location and I’d like fans to be able click the tweet they want to create the subscription and then receive tweets coming from that specific game and charge/collect a small fee.