Possible limit on Direct Messages



I’m developing a chat bot using the Direct Messages API and after a while it seems that my bot become silenced.
In my research I’ve found this log error:

{errors:[{code:226,message:This request looks like it might be automated. to protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, we cant complete this actionright now. Please try again later}]}

Has anyone found this problem already?


Are you posting a lot of URLs in your Direct Messages?


No, 99% text only.
But some messages from bot are frequently repeated (the same text), to different users.


Hello just to learn, after how many sendings are you hitting that error?
You should find a way to make your content a bit personal to each user.


Everyone is asking the right questions here already, but one thing you can do to investigate is to log the message that is triggering the error. There might be something in the message the spam/abuse filtering doesn’t like. If you change the message, it might go through. Personalizing or varying the message as recommended above can help with this and also make your bot feel a bit more human.


Thank you, guys.
I’ll try it.