Possible inaccurate tweet/retweet count


Hi, I’m relatively new to twitter, and am currently having trouble determining if the tweet/re-tweet count from my button is accurate. I am currently using the twitter button that comes included with the addthis widget. I believe the count may be off because of the disproportionate number of likes from the Facebook button (very high) versus the twitter button count (very low). I have done a little bit of testing and have determined that the counter does indeed go up when tweeted from the button on the site, but it does not seem to count re-tweets. I would like to know of there is a simple method of returning an accurate count of tweets and re-tweets for a particular URL in order to check the accuracy of the button. Additionally, I would like to know if the counter updates so that any tweets/re-tweets that have later been deleted lower the number on the counter.



The counter is accurately counting re-tweets. It is possible that the numbers are being thrown off by protected accounts or something else that I have as of yet to discover.