Possible for retweeting sends an external website an action?


Is it possible for a retweet or a tweet to trigger an action on an external website? My company wants the behaviour of a retweet of one of our company tweets adding user points to one’s registered profile. For example, we tweet something cool, someone retweets, the retweet sends a message to our company database to add 10 points that user’s profile on our website.

the other options i was looking at was using the search api. we’d create a batch job to run daily or so and see who retweeted and then we’d tag those points to the user. ideally, we’d like it if the user would see the points rewarded on the fly as opposed to the next day.



There’s no way to get an external action to be sent by Twitter when this happens, but if you think about the problem a little differently, it’s very easy for you to be streamed an event for this over the Streaming API. By hooking your company’s account up to a user streams connection, you’ll be streamed an event each time one of that account’s tweets have been favorited, retweeted, or replied to. You can then respond to those events as you see fit.