Possible bugs when creating line items with WEBSITE_CONVERSION objective



I can successfully create line items with website_conversions as the objective, but I noticed a couple of things:

IAB Categories:
I sent the id of a category “parent” instead of a category (ie. I sent “IAB11” instead of “IAB11-5” as the category) and the line item was created successfully. However, upon viewing the campaign details through the Twitter UI, I saw that the IAB category had not been set.

Primary Web Event Tag:
I used the tag id of an “UNVERIFIED” tag and the line item was created successfully. However, in the Twitter UI the dropdown to select a web even tag does not contain a tag and is disabled, so I cannot select a different tag.

Cost-Per-Conversion (target_cpa_local_micro):
My understanding is that the target_cpa_local_micro param corresponds to the cost-per-conversion in the Twitter UI (correct me if I’m wrong). The ads API documentation claims that this parameter is required for the WEBSITE_CONVERSIONS objective but I can successfully create a line item with website_conversions without this parameter. However, my real question is: when I do pass in a value for target_cpa_local_micro and successfully create a line item, the same campaign through the Twitter UI has a cost-per-conversion as 0 (as if it hadn’t been set).

If you could shed some light on these behaviours, it would be super helpful.



IAB Categories:

Can you give the account ID and campaign ID? (these should be safe to share since they require authentication to view details)

Primary Web Event Tag:

There was a Q about whether this could be changed before I answered here: Does line item edit support changing primary web event tag?
Since once it’s set it can’t be changed (I believe related to measurement and consistency) - I am not surprised you cannot change it in the UI, but it may be an issue that the UI does not show a tag at all. Especially if you continue to see the issue after the tag turns to tracking, feel free to report the problem via the Help? in UI which will get attention to it from the appropriate team.


This feature is not fully released until October 12.




Hi John, thank you for clarifying those points. With regards to the IAB categories question, the account ID is 18ce53vkjrr and the campaign ID is 62rlw. The category ID I created the line item with was “IAB3” (Business and the line item was created successfully, but the Twitter UI does not show any categories selected.


Thanks for providing the details -

Since the UI does not seem to allow this scenario it is likely simply an API validation issue and we might be likely to add logic to block these top level categories. I will file an issue internally but since the impact is not clear it might stay this way, I would recommend to block these categories on your end to be safe for the meantime.