Possible bug with friendship create ( friendships/create ) and destroy ( friendships/destroy ) returning old perspectival property for following


When i do the following calls to the REST API “friendships/create” or “friendships/destroy” the user object returned is in the state prior to creating or destroying the friendship. For example: Bob does not follow Steve. when Bob creates a friendship via “friendships/create”, a user object of Steve is returned. That user object has the property “following” as false ( the value prior to creating the friendship ). Only on the second call to “friendships/create” is the property set to the proper value of “true”. I would expect that user object returned has the perspectival state post “friendships/create” so that the successful creation of the friendship can be verified.

“friendships/destroy” does the same thing where only after a second call to “friendships/destroy” does it show the property of “following” as false.