Possible Bug - Promoted Tweets Endpoint



If an ad is paused via the Ads Manager or API, the endpoint accounts/:account_id/promoted_tweets returns the deleted value true for that ad/tweet. The approval_status is ACCEPTED and paused is false, regardless.

And of course if the ad has actually been deleted the response is the same. Looks like a pretty obvious bug but perhaps I’m missing something?



@theusamaashraf: While promoted_tweets include an entity_status response attribute (referred to as paused in v1), there is no actual way to pause those entities. The Ads UI chooses to implement “pausing,” but, as you’ve noticed, what it’s actually doing is deleting the promoted_tweets entity. To “unpause” it, the UI recreates it by making a POST request while specifying the line item ID and Tweet ID. Hope that helps clarify.

Modify Tweet status via API

@juanshishido it does. Thanks a lot.