[Possible bug] Data from GNIP Engagement API not matching analytics.twitter.com



We are using the GNIP Engagement API to pull organic metrics such as “engagements”, “likes”, “retweets”, “replies”.

We are finding that in some cases there are major discrepancies vs what is showing the analytics.twitter.com UI.

For example:
For tweet: https://twitter.com/ricekrispies/status/902197759813586945

The tweet was published 8-28-2017 and was promoted by ads during this period.

The twitter UI shows (pulled on 9-27-2017):

In the screenshot “Engagements” in the organic section are 450

The Engagement API returns the following for the date range 8-27-2017 to 9-27-2017:
engagements = 952
likes = 453
replies = 44
retweets = 41

Further, we also did an export from twitter analytics and in the organic section of that report (pulled on 9-29-2017):
engagements = 415
likes = 0
replies = 0
retweets = 1

It seems like none of the organic engagements match across the different platforms for pulling data. Is this a bug?