Possible bid type for app install campaigns


What are the possible bid types, bid unit, and charge by fields for app install campaigns? Can you select an “app click” bid unit and “app install” as the charge by OR have app install for both the bid unit and charge by fields with the bid type: Target? Thanks!


@amobeedev: There are three possible bid_type values: MAX, AUTO, and TARGET. These apply to most objectives. For APP_INSTALLS, there are two possible bid_unit and charge_by values: APP_CLICK and APP_INSTALL. For more information, visit our enums page.

In terms of bid type and charge by permutations:

  1. bid_unit=APP_CLICK&charge_by=APP_CLICK always works
  2. bid_unit=APP_CLICK&charge_by=APP_INSTALL never works
  3. the following options only work for bid_type=MAX:
    • bid_unit=APP_INSTALL&charge_by=APP_CLICK
    • bid_unit=APP_INSTALL&charge_by=APP_INSTALL

Hope this helps!


Great, this is very helpful! Thanks!!