Possibility of filtering user streams using a logical-AND?


From the User Streaming documentation:

“Bounding boxes do not act as filters for other filter parameters. For example track=twitter&locations=-122.75,36.8,-121.75,37.8 would match any tweets containing the term Twitter (even non-geo tweets) OR coming from the San Francisco area.”

Are there any plans to have an option to make this a logical-AND? For example, what if I want all tweets containing all the word “pizza” from the geo-location New York City? Today, track=pizza&locations=40.7142,-74.0064,50 is extremely busy and unfocussed (and wasteful of everyone’s resources).



Does anyone from Twitter have any comment on this? Maybe @episod or @kurrik?


There are currently no explicit plans to introduce an explicit logical AND to the location filter, but it’s a request we do get from time to time and may be able to more readily consider in the future.