Poor support from "rgenkins" (Twitter platform operator)


I am exhausted of the poor support coming from “rgenkins”. One week waiting for a vague answer that only shows the irresponsibility of this person, who clearly is not qualified to occupy their position and to provide proper assistance to developers. Instead, this person seems to copy copy and paste links.

In short, this was my enquiry:

"Indeed, we have modified the application so that automated tweeters can only be sent with a minimum interval of 2 minutes, which would resulted in a maximum of 720 tweets a day, which is less than the total maximum allowed. Is this behaviour complying with Twitter rules? For example, there is another application called Tweet Adder 4 that performs auto tweeting; please see the screenshot and video of that in the following links (omitted here):

Could you please confirm if that kind of auto-tweeting is allowed?

As a result, I received this response:

“While developing your software please do not look to other services for inspiration regarding whether or not a feature is compliant; please only look to our Rules. For further information…bla bla bla…”

This person is a neglected platform operator who is not able TO ADDRESS ANY of my enquiries. NO ONE HAS PROPERLY BEEN ADDRESSED. This person should not care of what I look at. He/She MUST answer my question which was VERY CLEAR. So, does this behaviour comply with Twitter’s rules? YES or NOT? SIMPLE AS THAT.





The limits present on our site are not a goal that developers should encourage users to hit every day. We hold developers accountable for their userbase, so applications encouraging users to violate the Twitter Rules run the risk of being suspended to prevent further user abuse. While I cannot address the specifics of your application here, it seems likely that an application which is designed to tweet once every two minutes is an attractive target for spam and abuse and would probably not be permitted to keep these features if the application has been suspended due to spam and abuse.

Twitter Platform Operations


In that case, why has Tweet Adder not yet been suspended? That application can automatically post tweets every minute, so if Twitter says that our tool might encourage spam, Tweet Adder should be reviewed and banned equally. It is not fair to get my application suspended and expected to be modified while there are others that continue doing the same.

If seems “likely” that an application which is designed to tweet once every two minutes is an attractive target for spam and abuse, Twitter should be more specific here an make clearer rules so as to define well-established frontiers. The use of “likely” perfectly shows that Twitters is not making things easy for developers. It should be YES or NOT as computers do not understand this sort of likeliness, and whatever the rule, all applications should be seen under the same magnifier.

If Twitter allows a maximum of 1,000 tweets a day, it is senseless to think that users will post that number of Tweets manually. An automated tool is required for that, and instead, Twitter should ONLY banned those users who do not properly use applications (see that my application is not even reaching that limit). In the end, it is actually Twitter who encourages to send spam by establishing a limit of 1,000 tweets daily.

Honestly, I have no problem to remove such a feature from my application, but not before “Tweet Adder 4” and others are as well forced to stop featuring such characteristics. I am just asking for an equal treatment, and if a proper solution to my petition cannot be addressed through the discussion forum, I would enormously appreciate if I could be contacted by a supervisor or some one with higher authority to discuss this issue further.

“truebe”, I am grateful for your try to address my question, but it has been a while since I have been trying to comply with Twitter’s rules without success at all. Not because of you, but because of the disrespectful support from “rgenkins” and because of huge gaps that are still in place which do not define clear limits of which is allowed or not.

As I said before, I am totally determined in complying with Twitter’s rules, but I want to escalate this issue to some person with higher responsibilities and authority because this has not been solved yet and it cannot continue like this. I would appreciate it if you could pass this to your supervisor.




I need an update on this issue. I do not accept to remove the aforementioned feature while other applications which present those characteristics have not yet been suspended.

Twitter talks too much about fairness in their rules but I do not think that these rules clearly help to treat all developers equally. If no one can PUNCTUALLY tell me weather or not an interval of 2 minutes between tweets is acceptable, this means that rules are vaguely written.

Why doesn’t Twitter make this point clear and sets a specific value? If not, why aren’t all applications treated equally?