Poor quality video on twitter why?



Why the video quality on twitter is bad?


Can you provide some more detail on the problem that you’re seeing? On what device? On what network? Can you share a link to the tweet?


@barndawgie thank you so much for your answer, I’m so desperate to find a solution.

Sure you can check these tweets I’ve made for testing purpose. I’ve checked on many networks and many devices. The worst quality is on desktop, on mobile it’s a little bit better but still not the original quality.

The thumbnail of the video is the original quality, once you play it the quality is poor. I would like the quality to be the original one like when you tweet a vine quality is not altered at all…

Also if you search on twitter for quality video you will see how many users complain about quality of video on twitter… I’ve just discovered that while searching for solution :grin:


Hi Challenge,
We transcode all videos for delivery over the internet, and then adapt what quality you see at playback time based on your network. So you will definitely see degraded quality, especially over slower networks.

That said, we are also working to improve the quality of video delivered by twitter through a variety of encoding improvements in the coming months.

So unfortunately, I don’t think there is an immediate fix/change coming that can improve this for you, but know that we are actively working on it!


Poor video quality on twitter


Hi Josh,

Thanks a lot for your kind help though the answer is a bit disappointing when you’re building a mobile app on top of twitter with video… :pensive:

When you say that you’re working on improvements can you specify when can we expect such improvements to happen? Will the video quality be improved with all the changes coming soon in august?

Can you please confirm that there is absolutely NO WAY to fix this quality issue. Vine does not suffer this poor quality issue. Is it because it is part of Twitter and transcode it for better delivery compared to external developers that cannot monitor that?

I would like to insist on that point and would love to have more details on what can we expect as developers or users and be updated. Would that be possible?

Again it’s impressive if you search the three words together video-quality-twitter how many users are frustrated.



@barndawgie could you please provide more information about the questions above.


Sorry for bumping this up. Wondering if this is still a work in progress since the degraded video quality seems to be still an issue, specially during the first 10 seconds of the videos.


I’m not aware of specific improvements being worked on, but we are always working to optimise our media handling and pipeline, particularly around video.

Is there an example video file that you are having problems with when posted via the media/upload API?


Here’s an example:

The original file is:


I have an example for you as well.

It was encoded in ffmpeg using the following settings:

  • format: x264 [yuv420p]
  • fps: 30
  • preset: veryslow
  • crf: 7.5
  • profile: high [4.1]

The file size is only 14.7MiB and looks great when played locally. My network connection is pretty fast, so I wouldn’t expect to see degraded quality [other videos on Twitter look a lot better].


Having the same issue - very frustrating. Any advice anyone can offer would be much appreciated.


Hi Twitter, this is a known issue, every uploaded video looks like crap no matter the device used and the network conditions. Please FIX THIS.


Hey we also need help on the last video we posted earlier today. There is a black card that flashes in the first ten seconds of the video. Our handle is @caretakersmovie. Can this glitch be removed please?
Someone from Twitter please see this? Thank you.


Hi every one, I found the solution ! To post a high quality video on twitter you have to convert it to M4v from Quick Time player. Export > I pad, iphone etc

Sorry for my English,



@PickAssoTeam Nope, I tried this suggestion and the video quality still stinks to high heaven, even on a high speed cable connection.


This thread (and this forum) exists to discuss issues with the Media upload API. If you have issues with the Twitter apps or website we cannot help you here and you should check support.twitter.com for assistance.

As @barndawgie mentioned towards the top of this thread we are always working to improve our media ingest pipeline from an API perspective. If you need details of the supported formats please see our developer documentation.

Closing this thread as the most recent comments are significantly off-topic / related to app usage, and not the API or developer platform.