Polymer Shadow DOM behavior


When using twitter for websites w/ Polymer 2 and iron-pages, the first embedded tweet seems to make all elements visible.

In the below psuedo code - both iron-page divs are changed to visible after first embedded tweet, so I see “blah blah blah” & “recent tweets”. Any pointers to preventing createTweet from messing with CSS and/or shadow dom would be appreciated!

twttr.widgets.createTweet('20', document.getElementById('tweets'), {}).then(function (el) {
    console.log("Tweet displayed.")
<iron-pages selected="[[selected]]">
   Blah blah blah
   Recent tweets 
  <div id="tweets"></div>


<meta name="twitter:widgets:csp" content="on"> does not seem to help - in fact it prevents rendering.

Check that it is working!


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